Keep Working & Stay Safe

Welcome to our video-conference scheduling page. Simply answer the few questions below and we will take it from there. You will receive a quick confirmation of receipt followed by an email to all attendees with a link to the meeting. We can also test call the day before.

If you would prefer a call back to schedule this event please email us at

  • Date of deposition or meeting:
  • Time of deposition or meeting
  • Duration of deposition or meeting:
  • Please enter the names and email addresses for all other attendees (up to 10).
  • Do you wish for this conference to be recorded?
  • Do you wish to have a test call the day before?
  • If you need equipment for someone who does not have a computer or internet, we have three options. Select one and we will contact you that day to schedule.

No matter what the need, we can help you and your witnesses stay safe while keeping your cases moving forward. We look forward to your hearing from you.


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