Trial Support

Optimize the use of your time in trial preparation.
Capture and maintain the attention of the jury and judge.
Save time in the courtroom with instant access to anything in your case file.

With literally thousands of trials from all over the country under our belt, the battle-tested Visual Evidence staff has your back. The relationship between our trial team and the attorney can begin as early as videotaping depositions and digitizing your case file. Eventually, we supplement your case to the jury with a seamless presentation of exhibits in digital and printed formats, video, and even multimedia and PowerPoint presentations for opening and closing statements.

  • Video / Transcript Synchronization
  • PowerPoint
  • Equipment Rental
  • Hot Seat Operators
  • Multimedia design for Opening & Closing Statements
  • Trial Presentation Software Training and Support
  • Document Prep and Management
  • Large Format Printing & Exhibits

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